On our way …

by clasqm

Leroy is back at school, the temperature has returned to reasonable levels and I am up and running. Today I wrote about three pages of my Online Ordination article. Constant to-and-froing between Word, Mendeley and OneNote, checking if the websites I reference are still around. Ugh, my head is buzzing but the article is slowly taking shape. If I can keep this up, it should be in publishable form by the end of the month.

The problem I have is that this is something that has never been done before, so there is precious little from respectable academic sources to quote. It’s all coming from websites and magazines.

Haven’t heard from the Oxford Symposium yet. They are supposed to organise the publication of the symposium papers, but so far I don’t even know if this will be for a Proceedings or for a special edition of a journal. Or the reference method required, or the due date for all this. Oh well, I can always send it elsewhere.

And then … the first guy to write about something is usually wrong, wrong, wrong.I can look forward to ten years of PhD students telling me how wrong I was. But that boosts my citation rate too …